Dubstep Universe Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Music Iphone App: Dubstep Universe

Music Iphone App demo of Dubstep Universe, a great app but a little limited to what you can do. Tilt the phone to change the direction of a sound, dubstep style.

Music iPad App: Dubstep Maker

Go here for more information and CODE to unlock more sounds: http://synthuniverse.com/dubstep-maker/ Go here for video review: ...

iPad Music App Dubstep SX

Go to synthuniverse for review & info: http://synthuniverse.com/dubstep-sx/

Music Iphone App: Dubstep Universe 1.5

Music Iphone App: Wobbl Dubstep imachine

Music Iphone Ipad app demo of Wobbl Dubstep imachine. 9 pre assigned bass wobbles and 6 loops. Turn on a loop and wobble! Very simple and hopefully a ...

iPad Music App: eDrops Dubstep

For more information and review go here: http://synthuniverse.com/edrops-dubstep/ Get it from itunes here: ...

Music iPad App: Dubstep Maker Review

Music Ipad Iphone App: Dub Step

Music Ipad Iphone app Dub Step first look. Not another dubstep ipad, iphone app! This one has a lot going for it as there are heaps of beats and sounds to get ...

Music Ipad App: Dubstep Music Studio

Music Ipad Iphone App demo of Dubstep Music Studio. Lots of variation and heaps to play around with. Download the app from the itunes store: ...

WHOMP iPhone Dubstep Music App